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The Oasis

Dave and I are happy to announce that we are bringing a youth rec center to Oz!  This will be a free of charge, safe, supervised space for kiddos to retreat to.  We have lots of great plans in the works for The Oasis... frequent themed events like 80s night!, Sunday dinners and or brunch for teens who would like to socialize and get in some positive peer encouragement time, The Loft- a goal and reward based honey hole for kids who might need some extra encouragement to reach big and small goals, and much more more!

We also plan on reserving the center for Moms and little ones Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 8AM to 12PM.  Every mom sometimes needs coffee time with other moms while the kids play or craft.  

If you would like to Volunteer, Donate, or have ideas for the Center please feel free to email us!  We never turn away help or advice! [email protected]